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Recover your Bitcoin Account

The following steps will guide you through the process of recovering access to your Bitcoin Account in case you forgot your password to recover your Bitcoin Account. Please keep in mind that recovering your Bitcoin Account is only possible if you have backed it up before in the app.

  1. Please log out of the Numbrs app and close the app to start afterwards the recovery process.
  2. Please open the app again, log in and enter your security code.
  3. Please select ‘I forgot my password’.
  4. A screen will inform you about the steps necessary to recover access to your Bitcoin Account. Please press ‘Restore from a recovery phrase’ to begin the process.
  5. On the following screen, you will be asked to enter your 12-word recovery phrase one-by-one. Please ensure that you enter the words in the correct order.
  6. Select ‘Continue’. An error message will appear if the recovery phrase has not been entered correctly. Please check your entry once again.
  7. If you entered the recovery phrase correctly, your Bitcoin Account will be restored.
  8. Enter a new password with the following requirements:
    • Min 1 upper case
    • Min 1 lower case
    • Min 8 characters
  9. Please confirm your new password below.
  10. Please select ‘Open Crypto Bitcoin Account’ to complete the recovery process.


Please bear in mind that if your quaterly payments are not up to date, you cannot recover your Bitcoin Account.

Recover 12-word phrase

In case you lose your device or simply want to switch to a new one, you can recover access to your Bitcoin Account through your recovery phrase. Please be aware that if you have not backed up your recovery phrase beforehand, you will not be able to gain access to your Bitcoin Account. It is therefore crucial to create a backup of your recovery phrase once you set up your Bitcoin Account.

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