Our Mission

Here at Numbrs, we make it our mission to help clients safely navigate Bitcoin. By providing timely, cutting edge research and analytics, we offer the most secure Bitcoin storage solution, literally backed up by military-grade encryption in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

It all began with the idea of building a highly secure storage for our own Bitcoins.

Numbrs was founded in 2013 by Martin Saidler in Zurich. As an early internet pioneer from the very beginning, our founder has successfully built various international internet market leaders as an investor and entrepreneur since 1996.
Investments in alternative and disruptive assets became part of the strategy very early on. We started investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related projects back in 2013 with a company called "Buttercoin". The idea was simple yet compelling. Buttercoin, by becoming a crypto exchange, aspired to tackle the highly inefficient global remittance market with Bitcoin transfers. Apart from us, the company attracted a long list of blue chip investors including Google Ventures, Y Combinator and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Despite being a good product, the company closed down in the middle of the crypto bear market in 2015.
Almost 10 years later, it is clear that Bitcoin will become the new gold standard, gain acceptance and ultimately become the new monetary system.
The current uncertainty and rapid rise of cryptocurrencies has sparked a debate about the stability of currencies and the future of traditional banks. As Bitcoin investors from the very beginning, we believe that Bitcoin is not only a highly interesting investment, but has the potential to protect and preserve personal wealth safely and discreetly for generations.
Since its incorporation in 2013, Numbrs raised over USD 200 million from a range of noted private and institutional investors. Among others, Martin Saidler personally invested over USD 50 million from his private wealth to develop a sustainable solution for the safekeeping of his own Bitcoins. Through years of development, Numbrs evolved from a leading multibanking application to a global self-custody solution to secure and protect Bitcoins in Switzerland. Our role models are the Swiss private banks who have managed to store their clients' assets discretely and securely for centuries.
We think long-term and are not guided by short-term trends. In our decisions, we focus on security and sustainability for the benefit of all our stakeholders. We are deeply rooted in the Swiss tradition of neutrality. This means that we are always able to act in the best interests of our clients. All of our actions are guided by our overarching goal: to provide our clients with the safest place to store their Bitcoins.

The dome of the swiss federal palace
The dome of the Swiss Federal Palace
with the coats of arms of the cantons.

Crisis-proof in Swiss tradition

Times are getting more turbulent. In an interconnected world, political, economic and social crises are spreading faster and across borders. Uncertainty is on the rise and the freedom of the individual is increasingly questioned. We aim to counter this development by offering the Numbrs Bitcoin Account in the tradition of Swiss wealth management.
Since 1848 the Swiss Confederation has been a federal republic of autonomous cantons, which have a history of confederacy that goes back more than 700 years. Switzerland's enduring neutrality, political stability and modern data protection create a maximally secure environment for digital assets. To date, Switzerland is neither a member of NATO nor the European Union. The distribution of power in the federalist system and the deeply rooted direct democracy have protected Switzerland from centralism and authoritarian ideas for centuries.
Within this stable framework, a globally unique range of secure and discreet asset management services has emerged. The Swiss Constitution of 1848 and far-sighted banking legislation made Switzerland a safe haven for private assets, especially in times of crisis. Switzerland has been the world\’s largest wealth management centre for international assets since decades.

Federal Palace of Switzerland.
Seat of the government and parliament of the Swiss Confederation

The history of the Swiss numbered account

Numbered bank accounts were bank accounts wherein the identity of the holder is replaced with a multi-digit number known only to the client and selected private bankers. Besides its neutrality and stability, the numbered bank account and the inherent banking secrecy have been credited as the principal elements that led to the rise of Switzerland as a global financial centre.

  • 1848

    Swiss Federal Constitution

    The first federal constitution of modern Switzerland confirms permanent and armed neutrality
  • 1913

    Strengthened banks

    The strict banking law separates the wheat from the chaff and removes unstable banks from circulation. The Swiss banking center is strengthened. The picture shows the new headquarters of Bank Leu, the oldest Swiss bank at the time.
  • 1914

    Growing capital flow

    World War I and inflation. States want to know whether their citizens have assets in Switzerland. However, Swiss banks refuse to provide information. Germany and France try to prevent capital flight.
  • 1918

    Numbered accounts

    With the end of World War I, the vaults and numbered accounts of Swiss banks saw a brisk inflow from other countries. Political neutrality and currency stability became the business model for Swiss financial institutions.
  • 1934

    Banking secrecy

    The National Council enshrines Swiss banking secrecy by passing the "Federal Law on Banks and Savings Banks". In the same year, the Association of Swiss Private Bankers is founded.
  • 1975


    The president of the Swiss National Bank, Fritz Leutwiler, pleads for the abolition of the "numbered accounts, which are not necessarily conducive to Switzerland's reputation", but this is met with rejection by the banks.
  • 2004

    End of numbered accounts

    Since July 2004, Swiss credit institutions have been required by law to verify and document the identity of numbered account holders as well. The temporary end of the numbered account.

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the highest executive body responsible for managing the business of Numbrs Personal Finance Ltd. in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations. The Board of Directors decides on the strategy of the company and is responsible for the overall direction, supervision, and control of Numbrs and its management.

All members of the Board of Directors are Swiss citizens with primary residence in Switzerland. Members are elected for a term of two years. No member of the Board of Directors may serve more than ten consecutive terms. In accordance with the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance, Numbrs Personal Finance AG pays attention to expertise and experience.

Fynn Kreuz, Chairman of the board

Mr. Fynn Kreuz has been with Numbrs since 2013. He is the Chief Executive Officer and was elected as a member of the Board of Directors in 2018. He has held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2021. He has spent over 10 years at leading global consumer goods companies such as Coca-Cola and Puma in various leadership roles in communications, branding, marketing and public relations. Mr. Kreuz holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Hamburg.

The headquarters

Numbrs' headquarters are located in the heart of Switzerland in the Canton of Zug. From here, the management directs the company's business and operations. Extremely well-equipped workstations with state-of-the-art video systems, individual offices, dedicated private areas for discreet meetings and stimulating team meeting rooms create a unique working environment.

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