Bitcoin Self Custody

The most secure self custody solution for private investors with significant Bitcoin holdings. Gain full ownership of your Bitcoin, protect it from online threats, and secure your assets completely offline in Switzerland.

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Own Your Private Key

When you store your Bitcoin with an exchange or bank, they own it. With Numbrs' self custody solution, you are the sole owner of your Bitcoin.

Disconnected from the Internet

Our offline storage solution enables clients to store their Bitcoin fully offline in Switzerland's state-of-the-art, highly secure data center.

Secured in Switzerland

Switzerland is the world’s most stable country and the largest wealth management hub with $3tn in private assets currently held in Switzerland.

Self Custody - The New Sovereignty

When you buy Bitcoin from an exchange or bank and store it there, they have full control over your assets as they control the private key to your Bitcoin. A private key is like a password that you can use to access and manage your Bitcoin. Anyone who knows your private key can make transactions without your permission.

By design, Bitcoin eliminates the risks of entrusting your assets to banks or any other third parties for the first time in history. Bitcoin was created to give people control over their money. Individual sovereignty is the idea that brought us into the Bitcoin space in the first place. This principle is in our DNA. That is why we offer an institutional grade self-custody solution for sovereign individuals.

With Numbrs, your Bitcoin really belongs to you and you alone. Only you own your private key, which is fully encrypted and secured in Switzerland. You are the sole owner of your Bitcoin and completely independent from banks or third party influences.


The private key constitutes Bitcoin ownership. With Numbrs, you hold it - no one else. Even Numbrs has no access to it.


You can't lose your Bitcoin to online threats, bankruptcy, or hacker attacks because only you control your private key.


Owning your Private Key means that you are independent from banks and other third-parties influences.


Store Your Bitcoin Offline in Switzerland

We have developed the most secure offline storage solution in the industry. By definition, offline storage is a form of storage that is never connected to the internet. We enable clients to store their Bitcoin disconnected from the internet in a state-of-the art, highly-secure data center in Switzerland. With the offline storage solution of Numbrs, your private key is protected against any online threats and hacker attacks.

Our servers, which are never connected to the internet, are located in the high-security data center of an “ISO 27001” certified colocation partner in Switzerland. Once a client decides to store their Bitcoin in our offline storage solution, they simply and securely deposit their Bitcoin via the Numbrs web dashboard.

Bitcoin Self Custody - Web Dashboard

With the Numbrs web dashboard, you can control your Bitcoin easily and securely from any web-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

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Offline Storage

Send and receive your Bitcoin quickly and securely via the web dashboard.

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On-Chain Graphs

Understand Bitcoin price trends based on the most important key indicators.


Technical Support

Stay informed of any updates related to your Bitcoin holdings.

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Bitcoin Balance

Review your Bitcoin balance and the most recent transactions.


The Safest Way to Store Your Bitcoin

At Numbrs, we offer the safest way to store your Bitcoin. We are located in Switzerland, the most stable country in the world, and use advanced technology to guarantee the safety of your Bitcoin holdings. As a Self Custody solution, Numbrs allows its clients to become the sole owner of their Bitcoin and fully independent of any influence from institutions or any third party.

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With Numbrs, your Bitcoin really belongs to you and you alone. Only you own your private key, which is fully encrypted and secured in Switzerland.

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Offline Storage in Switzerland

We offer the best-in-class storage solution for Bitcoin. With Numbrs, your private key is stored fully offline and protected against online threats and hacker attacks.

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Military-Grade Encryption

Our security systems are designed in a way that we cannot decrypt our client’s Private Key. Numbrs has no access to our client’s Bitcoin at any time.

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Aligned Interests

Numbrs Self Custody solution is built to protect the Bitcoin of our shareholders, our partners, and the management team. The security of our clients is our security.

A Personal Conversation is Worth a Lot

Our business is based on personal relationships and mutual trust. We would be delighted to act as your reliable partner in the new world of Bitcoin Self Custody. As an independent Swiss company, we know the value of personal client relationships and professional support. Our experts would be happy to discuss our Self Custody solution with you.

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Switzerland - The Safe Haven For Bitcoin

Times are turbulent. In an interconnected world, political, economic, and social crises spread faster and further. Uncertainty is on the rise and individual freedom is increasingly threatened. We aim to resist this development by offering the best-in-class Bitcoin cold storage solution in the tradition of Swiss wealth management.

Switzerland's enduring neutrality, political stability, and modern data protection create an optimal environment for digital assets. To date, Switzerland is neither a member of NATO, nor the European Union. The distribution of power in its federalist system and its deeply-rooted direct democracy have protected Switzerland from authoritarianism for centuries.

Within this context, a unique range of secure and discreet asset-management services has emerged. The Swiss Constitution of 1848 and far-sighted banking legislation made Switzerland a safe haven for private assets, especially in times of crisis. Switzerland has been one of the world’s largest wealth management hubs for decades.


Bitcoin Self Custody Booklet

For more information on our Self Custody solution, we offer a comprehensive booklet to potential clients. Learn more about the advantages and technical features in detail.


Bitcoin - A New Asset Class


The New Sovereignty

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The Data Centre


About the Company

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The Most Important Questions

What makes the Cold Storage solution special?

Within the cryptocurrency space, cold storage is seen as the most superior form of cryptocurrency storage. Cold storage refers to taking your cryptocurrency keys offline. By taking your assets offline, it protects them from hacks or other vulnerabilities that they may be exposed to when stored online.

Where is the data center located?

Our data center is located in a military bunker at a maximum security facility within the mountain massifs of the Swiss Alps. This facility follows the highest security measures and is under constant video surveillance and equipped with a sophisticated fire alarm system. No data is stored on one single server and, when 'Hot Storage' is activated, it generates as little data on servers as technically possible.

What does self-custody mean?

Self-custody signifies that only you have full possession of your cryptocurrency. This is due to the fact that you, and only you have access to your private key. This removes the dependence on governments and financial intuitions, giving you 100% control of your cryptocurrency.

What are the advantages of self-custody?

The main advantage to a self-custody storage solution is autonomy. You have the freedom to transfer and exchange your cryptocurrency in any way you like. As you and only you control your key, decisions and access are fully decentralised. This lowers risks from external threats to your assets, such as governments, financial institutions and hackers.

What are the advantages of storing my Bitcoin in Switzerland?

Switzerland's enduring neutrality, political stability and modern data protection laws create a maximally secure environment for digital assets. With forward looking blockchain legislation, Switzerland has as well created regulatory certainty for anyone owning or managing Bitcoin.

What are the terms?

Setup Fee (one-time) CHF 2,500 (one-time)
Service Fee The Service Fee is an annual fee calculated as a percentage of the USD-denominated average annual balance of the client’s assets in the Numbrs Cold Storage Solutions. The Service Fee is 0.5% or 50 basis points per year with a minimum yearly service fee of CHF 5,000
Payment Method Payment is always triggered by the client and is not automatically deducted by the company.
Date of Payment The setup fee and minimum service fee are due seven days after registration.
Currency The only accepted currency is Bitcoin. Payments can be made in the Numbrs web client
Notice period The customer relationship can be terminated on an annual basis
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