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How is the Service Fee calculated?

The Numbrs Bitcoin Account Service Fee is a quarterly fee that is calculated as a percentage of User’s USD denominated average quarterly balance of assets in the Numbrs Bitcoin Account. The Numbrs Bitcoin Account Service Fee is defined and calculated as follows:

Quarterly Average Assets on Numbrs Bitcoin Account multiplied by Service Fee, as defined herein.

The User’s quarterly average assets on the Numbrs Bitcoin Account shall equal the USD denominated sum of User’s average daily assets on the Numbrs Bitcoin Account for each calendar day of the billing quarter, divided by the number of calendar days in the billing quarter.

The User’s daily average assets on the Numbrs Bitcoin Account shall equal to the daily Bitcoin price as listed on Coinbase at 4:00 PM CET multiplied by User’s daily Bitcoin balance as of 4:00 PM CET.

On a quarterly basis, the User shall pay the greater of (1) the Service Fee, or (2) the quarterly minimum charge set forth below (collectively, the “Fee”). The User shall pay the Fee within seven (7) days of receiving the payment request, which will usually be sent on the last day of the quarter. The Fee will not be automatically charged to the User. The User will be requested to approve and release every Fee payment.

The Fee commences once the Numbrs User Account has been opened and Bitcoin funds have been transferred to the account for the first time. The Fee, once it commences, shall be the greater of:

a. The Service Fee of 0.025% or 2.5bps per quarter


b. The Minimum Quarterly Charge of USD 124.75 per quarter.

As an example, if a User holds quarterly average assets of USD 600’000 on the Bitcoin Account, the quarterly Fee is USD 150 (USD 600’000*0.025%).

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