Your Questions Have Been Answered – Our New Numbrs FAQ Offer Fast & Simple Support

No matter where you are in the world or which time zone you are in – with Numbrs you can do your banking and check your crypto assets instantly and at any time. And while this service is complemented by an outstanding support, readily available for any questions, we asked ourselves how we can improve this experience even further: If Numbrs and all features are available 24 hours 7 days a week, shouldn’t there be a way to receive instant support on any day and at any given time as well? The answer is ‘yes’ and comes in the form of our new, simple and comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section, directly accessible in Numbrs – anytime. 

Clear structure, simple guides and step-by-step instructions

The answer to any problem can be as good as it gets. If it cannot be found, however, it’s of little help. For this reason we not only created simple and effective guides on how to set up and use Numbrs. We created a structure for our FAQs, which allows users to find relevant answers quickly and efficiently.

For once, our new FAQs are placed directly in the profile section under “Support”, quick and easy to find. The layout explains itself. Above a list with general help topics, we have placed three popular articles, which allow users to jump into relevant guides instantly. This enables them to receive an answer to their question as fast as possible.
Underneath, there are 6 general topics, which can be freely browsed. Here we have bundled all our knowledge on everything Numbrs. The order of each help topic is chosen by relevance to our users. Lastly, each help article contains a list of related articles. Should more information about a similar topic be required, these links give instant access to exactly that. If there are any remaining questions, the support team can easily be contacted via the chat icon underneath each article.

For future releases, we are already working on additional features, such as help videos, a search bar and a position navigation.

Part of an overall concept

Our new FAQs are not designed to replace existing support services. Quite the opposite. They are an extension to the current offer and complement an overall concept. This way, assistance for our users is greatly improved. For Numbrs users there are several ways to receive support:

  • FAQs. Quick to search and available 24/7 – our new FAQs enable our users to make the most of the Numbrs app at any time. The new FAQs can be found by tapping on the profile icon in Numbrs and then on “Support”. 
  • The Support Chat. In case you have remaining questions upon browsing our FAQs, our in-app support chat is the most knowledgeable resource to provide you with help. Our support experts are available to all registered users with an added bank account in Numbrs.
  • Social Media. Following our promise on simplicity we have removed almost all our previous posts from social media. Nevertheless, our support on these platforms remains active. You can contact us anytime via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email. For all users, who have not yet registered with Numbrs, we recommend contacting us via Email. Simply write to us at and a support agent will get in touch with you shortly.

If you are interested in managing all your finances in one single app with the convenience of comprehensive customer support, simply try out Numbrs. It is available on iOS as well as Android and comes for free on both systems.

We look forward to helping you with any questions you may have.

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