Work Environment

Performance will be rewarded at Numbrs. For your commitment, you will receive an appealing compensation as well as additional benefits. We aim to make life simpler for our employees, helping them to achieve more every day.

What We Offer

Our office management cares about the well-being of our employees. Therefore, a breakfast and lunch buffet, cold drinks and coffee as well as additional amenities (dry-cleaning, vehicle cleaning, medical examinations, moving service etc.) are offered for free on a daily basis.

Health and Sports

Numbrs supports an active lifestyle. Through a variety of measures for promoting exercise, sport and a healthy diet, we want to motivate our employees to live healthier lives. Sports initiatives form an integral part of our corporate strategy.

Fitness Centre.
Numbrs has its own modern and well-equipped gym. Private shower rooms are also available at any time.

Healthy Eating.
A balanced diet is important for health, performance and well-being. Our local partners ensure that all ingredients are organic.


Diversity is firmly rooted in our actions and decisions. We are convinced that success requires people with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds. Every employee should feel comfortable with us and become part of the great whole.

At our headquarters in Zurich, we employ more than 150 employees from 29 countries. Our main operating language is English. We also support our employees to make the relocation as easy as possible, such as help with accommodation and administration procedures.

Numbrs recognises the need for active measures to ensure fair representation of women and men at all levels. Our commitment to age and gender equality includes equal pay, strict rules against discrimination in the workplace and supportive measures for older employees.

Numbrs supports the formation of communities among our employees, even outside of working hours. Employee events are held on a regular basis, ensuring respectful and familiar dialogue between all genders, cultures and age groups.

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