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Terms and Conditions – Numbrs PayDay

Numbrs PayDay is being offered by Numbrs Personal Finance AG, Neuhofstrasse 12, 6340 Baar, Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as “Numbrs”, “we” or “our”). If you have any questions, you can contact our support team at

The following Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to subscribers of the Numbrs App who are participating in Numbrs PayDay (hereinafter collectively referred to as “users”, “you” or “participants”).

Participation in Numbrs PayDay is voluntary and free of charge. Only natural persons who are at least eighteen years of age and are residing in a country where our service is available are eligible to participate. Please check the Numbrs App to see if our service is available in your country. Automated services, bots and other professional/commercial participants may not partake, unless otherwise agreed upon with Numbrs. If a user intends to participate for professional/commercial purposes, without our written consent, we reserve the right to exclude the user from participation and may terminate the relevant Numbrs account without notice. Furthermore, a payout may be withheld until Numbrs has been able to examine the case. If such an examination reveals that the user is participating for professional/commercial reasons, Numbrs reserves the right to withhold the payout. All persons involved in the conception of Numbrs PayDay and all Numbrs employees and contractors, their family members and life partners are not eligible to participate.

By participating you accept the following Terms. With regard to data protection, the current version of the Privacy Policy published on our website applies. The main services rendered by Numbrs are described in the General Terms and Conditions, the scope of which is not affected by these Terms.

1. Description Numbrs PayDay

As part of the app feature, that goes by the name of “PayDay”, subscribers of the Numbrs App are invited to recommend the Numbrs App to their family and friends. With each successful referral, both the already registered user and the newly acquired user will each receive one chance (one “ticket”) to participate in the prize draw for the respective game week.

To participate in Numbrs PayDay, you must register a new Numbrs account, subscribe for the Numbrs App and connect a supported bank account. Thereafter, you and the person you refer can each receive a ticket to participate in the prize draw as follows:

  1. In the top right corner of the Numbrs App, tap on the Numbrs Payday icon and then tap on “Create Invitation Link”.
  2. The Numbrs App then generates a referral link (the “Link”). By tapping on “Share Link”, you can send your Link to as many contacts as you like via email, SMS or Whatsapp. You can also share the Link via social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  3. The recipient of the link (the “Recipient”) must then register as a Numbrs user, subscribe for the Numbrs App and needs to connect at least one supported bank account to the Numbrs App.
  4. For each successful referral you will receive one ticket to participate in the prize draw. A successful referral exists if:
    1. the Recipient uses the Link in the duration of Numbrs PayDay,
    2. immediately (meaning without the intermediate calling up of other internet sites) after clicking on the link using a compatible mobile device, the Recipient
      1. downloads the Numbrs App,
      2. creates a Numbrs user account and subscribes for the Numbrs App, and
      3. connects at least one supported bank account to the Numbrs App,
    3. Numbrs can trace the referral back to you,
    4. the Recipient is not identical to the already existing user,
    5. the Recipient does not already have a Numbrs user account and is not adding a bank account that was connected with Numbrs at any stage.

2. The Prize Draw

If you successfully refer a friend in the respective game week, you will automatically participate in Numbrs PayDay. For each successful referral, you will receive one ticket to participate in the prize draw. For example, if you successfully refer four (4) friends during the respective game week, you will receive four (4) tickets to participate in the prize draw of that week. The more tickets you earn, the higher your chances of winning on the PayDay.

Participants have the opportunity to win a cash prize (the “Prize”) each week. The prize draw is usually held on a weekly basis. In certain circumstances however, the prize draw may take place the day before due to public holidays or be cancelled altogether for other reasons. In any case, we will inform you in the Numbrs App when the prize draw is taking place.

We will notify the winner via email, in the Numbrs App and/or video-call using the phone number or email address that was provided by the Participant.

3. The Payout

The payout of the Prize will be executed exclusively via bank transfer in Euros. A cash payout is not possible. Payouts are usually executed within a few weeks after the prize draw, however Numbrs is entitled to adjust the regularity of payments at any time. Due to the legal requirements under the Money Laundering Act, Numbrs or our bank may request additional information or documents about you (e.g. date of birth, address, proof of residence). If you fail to provide the required information or documentation in a timely manner, Numbrs reserves the right to not execute the payment and your right to receive the payout will lapse. Participants must provide only correct and up-to-date data and must inform Numbrs immediately of any changes to this data.

Furthermore, if you unsubscribe from the Numbrs App or delete your Numbrs user account with outstanding payouts, you will lose your right to receive the payout.

Any additional fees associated with the payout (e.g. bank transfer fees, fees on exchange rates) will be borne by the Participant, although Numbrs will not charge any such fees. Participants are responsible for paying any and all taxes resulting from the receipt of the payout.

Before Numbrs can transfer the Prize, the winner may be required to provide a copy of their identity card and residence permit to Numbrs. Numbrs will use the documentation provided to verify that the winner meets the requirements set forth in these Terms. If such verification reveals that the user does not meet the requirements set forth in these Terms, Numbrs reserves the right to refuse payout of the Prize.

Any potential winner may be asked to prove that they are the authorised Numbrs user that participated in Numbrs PayDay. The use of the same Numbrs account or Referral Link by multiple Participants is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited for a single Participant to use multiple Numbrs accounts. Violation of this clause may result in permanent exclusion of the Participant.

Payouts can be terminated due to the Participant’s conduct or due to a breach of these Terms. In case of abuse or violation of these Terms, Numbrs is entitled to retroactively terminate and/or reclaim payouts without notification.

4. Number of Tickets and Status of the Payout

Each Participant can see their number of tickets for the respective game week and the total amount of money earned in their Numbrs App. Should you have any objections regarding the account balances reflected in the Numbrs App, you must raise these no later than four weeks after the successful referral. Dispatch of the objection within this period is sufficient and may be addressed to or via the Support Chat.

Participants acknowledge that in rare cases, the number of tickets and the account balance may not be recorded correctly for technical reasons. In such cases, the Participant has no claim against Numbrs; however, may address this issue by sending us a message via the Support Chat in the Numbrs App.

5. Obligations of the Participant

Participants may not apply any illegal or immoral methods, particularly by misleading, deceiving, threatening or coercing other (potential) participants. The Participants may also not conceal the fact that they receive a ticket to participate in a prize draw for successful referrals.

Participants are further prohibited from using links generated by Numbrs in an immoral way. This includes in particular copying and advertising the link on radical, pornographic, violence glorifying or discriminating websites.

Each Participant may only maintain one Numbrs user account. If a Participant registers several user accounts, Numbrs reserves the right to terminate the unlawfully created user accounts without notice.

Numbrs reserves the right to offer Numbrs PayDay only for certain operating systems or only for certain versions of operating systems. The user is obliged to keep the operating system on their device up-to-date.

Participants have no right to represent or legally bind Numbrs, unless otherwise agreed upon with Numbrs in writing. Each participant is responsible for complying with the relevant laws, such as the law against unfair competition.

Numbrs reserves the right to announce the winners of Numbrs PayDay via social media. The winners therefore hereby agree to the publication of their first name and place of residence in the advertising media used by Numbrs. In addition, the winner agrees to the publication of photo(s) and/or video recording(s) of themselves (the “Marketing Materials”), at no charge and for an unlimited time period. This includes posting the winner on the Numbrs website, blog and social media channels (the "Marketing Channels"). Participation in Numbrs PayDay and the publication of Marketing Materials via Marketing Channels is always at the participant’s own risk. Numbrs declines any liability for direct or indirect consequences of the publication.

6. Rights and Obligations of Numbrs

Numbrs reserves the right to refuse a registration request without justification.

Numbrs reserves the right to suspend or terminate Numbrs PayDay at any time without notice. Numbrs will make use of this option in particular if, for technical or legal reasons, proper execution of Numbrs PayDay cannot be guaranteed. The Participant may not assert any claims against Numbrs as a result. Numbrs will inform you via email, the Support Chat or in the Numbrs App about a termination of Numbrs PayDay.

Numbrs reserves the right to block Numbrs user accounts or reclaim payouts if we discover any activity that we believe to be abusive, fraudulent or in violation of these Terms. Numbrs also reserves the right to exclude certain bank accounts from participating. Furthermore, we reserve the right to review and investigate all referrals at our sole discretion and to suspend user accounts if we believe this to be fair and reasonable.

7. Data Protection

All personal data provided by the Participants will only be collected, processed and used within the framework of the applicable data protection laws and only for purposes that arise from the law or for which the Participants have expressly given their consent.

Further information on data protection can be found in our Privacy Policy.

8. Our Liability

We are responsible to you for the loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of us breaching these Terms, except where it is excluded by this paragraph or otherwise in these Terms. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is either obvious that it will happen or known by both you and us at the time you entered into these Terms that it might happen.

We are not legally allowed to exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or where the Numbrs App is not of satisfactory quality or not as described. Subject to this, we will not be liable to you for:

Exclusions of liability in other provisions in these Terms are reserved.

9. Changing these Terms

Numbrs may, at any time and for any reason, suspend or modify these Terms. We will tell you about these changes by:

10. Miscellaneous

Any assignment or transfer of individual or all rights and obligations under this contract by the user to third parties requires the prior written consent of Numbrs to be effective. This applies in particular to claims for payment.

11. Final Provisions

The law of England and Wales applies to these Terms and you can bring legal action against us in the courts of England and Wales.

If a court decides that we cannot rely on a part of these Terms, the rest of the Terms will continue to apply, as each of the provisions of these Terms operate separately.

By accepting these Terms, you agree to receive documents and statements from Numbrs in connection with the use of the Numbrs App on an electronic data carrier.

The Terms and conditions will be communicated in English and Numbrs undertakes to communicate in English for the duration of this contract.

You may also submit a dispute for online resolution by using the European Commission Online Dispute Resolution Platform.

These Terms were last updated on June 1st, 2021.

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