Numbrs – Bitcoin Research for the new monetary system
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Bitcoin research for the new monetary system.

Exclusive research, for Numbrs Bitcoin Account clients only.

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New monetary system

Bitcoin is creating a new monetary system. Our research analyzes the impact on the markets, economy and society.

Bitcoin price analysis

Conventional valuation metrics to analyse Bitcoin are insufficient. We analyse incorrubtable blockchain data.

Bitcoin investors since 2013

A decentralised team of early crypto investors with backgrounds in traditional finance based all over the globe.

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Exclusive Bitcoin research, for clients only

We started our research with a simple mission: to develop the best institutional-grade Bitcoin research dedicated to the new monetary system. Because only those who understand the paradigm shift created by Bitcoin will be able to preserve their wealth in the future. We are an ambitious team of researchers, entrepreneurs and computer scientists with many years of experience in the Bitcoin space. The full weekly bitcoin research is available exclusively to Numbrs’ Bitcoin Account clients.

A global team of Crypto experts
Blockchain data and intelligence
Headquarters in Switzerland
24 hour Bitcoin analysis
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