€50,000 every Friday with PayDay. Only in Numbrs.

{name} is already excited. Now it is up to you. Try Numbrs Smart Wallet for free and you will both receive a ticket for the next €50,000 PayDay.

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How to participate

Every week we pay out €50,000 to our users so they can live a financially healthier life. Numbrs PayDay takes place every week in the app and every user can participate.

Step 1

Download the Numbrs app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2

Open the Numbrs app on your smartphone and create your personal user account. After that you can test the app for free.

Step 3

After successfully registering in the app, you will automatically receive a free ticket to participate in the next €50,000 PayDay.

Numbrs Smart Wallet

The Smart Wallet for your financial health. Keep and use your bank accounts, crypto-wallets, and loyalty cards in one place. You can also find out if your are for instance receive a fair salary, what your safety net is, and much more.

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one Wallet.

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