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Numbrs Receives Highest Security Seal By Independent Testing Agency Appvisory.

Numbrs has received the top certificate “Trusted App” from the independent and renowned app testing agency Appvisory. By passing all security protocols we are presented on the whitelist for secure apps. For our users, this cements the fact that Numbrs is one of the most secure banking apps.

Our Approach to Quality Is the Reason for Our Success

The “Trusted App” award is the result of our efforts to make Numbrs the most secure app on the market. One of the many reasons our user base is growing is our proven trustworthiness. Other goals include a smooth banking experience, access to the best financial products on the market with exclusive benefits, and to provide more countries with our quality app.

In Depth Test Levels

Appvisory conducts a multi-stage certification process, deep level data security, and data privacy analysis, a security assessment, a legal assessment of the general terms and conditions as well as of data protection provisions.

Four Key Security Categories Are Tested for Which Appvisory Reached the Below-Mentioned Conclusions:

  • Data Protection Breach: No data protection breaches were found
  • Data Security Breaches: No data security breaches were found
  • General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy: No breaches against the general terms and conditions and privacy policy were found
  • Secure Sockets Layer Analysis: No man-in-the-middle attacks were successful*

*A man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) as described on Wikipedia, is an attack where the attacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between two parties who believe they are directly communicating with each other.

Each Category Can Result in One of the Following Evaluations:

  • Whitelist: Usable
  • Whitelist: Usable with notice
  • Blacklist: Usage questionable, individual usage possible
  • Blacklist: Usage not recommended

We are proud to say that Numbrs has reached the best possible evaluation (Whitelist: Usable) in all four categories.

GDPR Compliance

As part of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, Numbrs has reviewed its security measures.

However, we have always held the security and privacy of our users as our highest priority. Subsequently, we only had to change relatively few provisions in order to meet the requirements.

Numbrs is always focusing on quality first because we know that is the only way to long term success.

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