Numbrs is now valued at $1 Billion, becoming a Swiss Unicorn

And the news made it to the first page of Bloomberg

As announced on Bloomberg international today, we have recently raised an additional $40 million, bringing Numbrs at a valuation of over $1 billion, making us one of the very few European Fintech unicorns.

A unicorn is the name given to privately owned companies valued at $1 billion or more. The term “unicorn” is used to illustrate the rarity of such companies.

Indeed, only a few hundred companies worldwide can boast a valuation of $1 billion or above while remaining private. As such, we are now joining the likes of Airbnb, SpaceX, WeWork, or Coinbase…

How did we get there

Our funding consists mostly of private investors. This gave us the time to build the best technology platform in the financial industry.

“Venture capital and private equity funds tend to have less patience. They get nervous when it takes longer for a startup to earn money” — Martin Saidler

We started our story in 2014 and since then, we have been enabling our users to manage all their bank accounts under a single application, and apply for financial products such as bank accounts, credit cards, loans and insurances directly within the app.

To do so we have secured partnerships with some of the biggest banks and insurance providers such as Barclaycard, Postbank, Santander, Bank of Scotland, Allianz, AXA…

Year after year more users turn to Numbrs to manage their finances. Our application has now over 2 Million downloads and we have over €10 billion in managed assets.

Looking back we are extremely proud of our achievements. But the we are even more excited with what lies ahead.

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