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Send Bitcoin

  1. Please open the Numbrs app and log in to be able to send crypto.
  2. Select the 'Send' button on your Bitcoin Account's homescreen.
  3. Please press now on '0 BTC' and enter the amount in your default FIAT currency you wish to send. You can see the equivalent BTC amount automatically calculated below. Please bear in mind to have sufficient funds on your account for the desired transaction.
  4. Confirm the selected amount by pressing 'Done' in the top right corner.
  5. Press the 'To Recipient address' sign to enter the Bitcoin Account address of the recipient.
  6. You have the option to enter the Bitcoin wallet address either manually or scan a QR code that belongs to that Bitcoin wallet address. Alternatively, you can enter the address from your phone's clipboard. Please ensure to always enter valid BTC recipient addresses. Please be aware that sending Bitcoin to a non-BTC wallet will result in lost funds.
  7. Once you added the address please confirm by pressing 'Done' in the top right corner.
  8. When the amount has been added, the estimated network fee will be shown, proportionally calculated. Whenever you change the amount, the estimated network fee will be adjusted. The network fee is both displayed in your default FIAT currency and in BTC. You have to pay this network fee in addition to the amount you wish to send. Please find a detailled explanation on the network fee further below.
  9. If you agree to the transaction, please press 'Send' at the bottom of the screen to confirm the transaction.
  10. The next screen explains the transaction fee. Once you have read and understood, you can click close in the top right corner.
  11. Please enter your security code to confirm the transaction with the fee included.
  12. Once you entered your security code correctly, you will see the confirmation that the transaction is being processed. You have the option to close this screen and return to your Bitcoin Account homescreen by pressing 'Close' in the top right corner or you can see the transaction details by pressing 'View transaction' in the bottom of the screen.

Please bear in mind that if your quaterly payments are not up to date, you are not able to send any Bitcoins.

Failed transactions

Please be aware that Bitcoin transactions are not immediately executed. Each transaction must be verified in the blockchain before it is ultimately confirmed. If you attempt to execute a transaction right after an unconfirmed one, an error message will be prompted. Please wait a few minutes until your previous transaction is completed. If you need further assistance, please contact our support team at any time via our in-app chat or e-mail.

Network Fee

A network fee applies to all transactions sent to external cyptocurrency addresses to ensure they are processed on cryptocurrency networks. The network fee is not paid to Numbrs. The final network fee can only be confirmed once the transaction is done hence during the sending process the fee shown to the user is always an estimation. The final network fee can still change. Please always be aware that the network fee is paid in addition to the amount you send to another Bitcoin Account.

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