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Receive Bitcoin

  1. Please open the Numbrs app and log in.
  2. On your Bitcoin Account homescreen, select ‘Receive’.
  3. You can choose how you want to share your Bitcoin Account address. You can either click on the address which then will be copied to your clipboard or press on "Share address". You can also show your QR code to a QR code reader, but bear in mind that not all devices can process complex QR codes.
  4. Please ensure to only share your Bitcoin Account address with trusted parties.
  5. Once a transaction has been successfully executed to your Bitcoin Account, this transaction will be visible on your timeline.
  6. To receive a notification once the transaction is successful, please activate notifications both in the operating system of your phone, as well as the settings within your profile.

Please bear in mind that if your quaterly payments are not up to date, you can still receive Bitcoin if you know your address, but you do not have access to this feature in order to see the details.

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