On-chain Analysis

The Bitcoin blockchain is one of the most transparent sources of data into human behaviour in a free market that the world has ever had access to. We strongly feel that our users should have access to high-quality Bitcoin data for self-analysis. As well as offering a graph to track the current price of Bitcoin, our team of analysts have developed many tools to help you evaluate present and future valuations and price fluctuations of Bitcoin.

  1. To navigate to our ‘On-Chain’ analysis feature, please open our website and log in.
  2. Please click on 'On-Chain'.

We are offering four primary graphs providing detailed market data for Bitcoin Self Custody users:

Bitcoin Price
The first graph displayed is used to track price movements of Bitcoin over different time periods.

Bitcoin Market Cap
The second graph is used to track the total market cap of Bitcoin. Market capitalization is used to track the relative size and strength of a cryptocurrency. The yellow indicator displays the total market cap and the grey indicator displays the price of Bitcoin.

BTC Addresses with a Non-Zero Balance
As you scroll down, the third graph displays the number of Bitcoin addresses currently holding assets and the price of Bitcoin. A rise in non-zero balance Bitcoin wallet addresses can often lead to price increases and is viewed by many as a bullish signal.

Bitcoin – Active Users
The fourth graph at the bottom of the window contrasts the total number of active users (yellow indicator) against the current price of Bitcoin (grey indicator). The number of active Bitcoin addresses during the height of the recent bull market surpassed one million. By the time Bitcoin hit its $64k all-time high, there were almost 1.4 million active addresses.

Please note that all prices will be displayed in your base currency, chosen on the website. Different time periods can be viewed on each graph by toggling through the buttons underneath: 1D (day), 1W (Week), 1M (Month), 3M, 1Y (Year) and ALL.

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