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Getting Started

  1. Please open the Numbrs app to start setting up your Bitcoin Account.
  2. On the Log in screen, select Apple or Google as your identity provider.
  3. For setting up your Bitcoin Account, press 'Get started' in the app.
  4. Please read the information displayed carefully. Once you did, select 'Continue'.
  5. Please create an encryption password to lock your Private Key. The password must meet following requirements:
    • Min 1 upper case
    • Min 1 lower case
    • Min 8 characters
  6. Please keep in mind that if you lose your password and you have not backed up your Bitcoin Account, you will no longer be able to access your assets.
  7. Confirm the password below and press 'Continue'.
  8. Please wait until your Bitcoin Account is created and select ‘Open Bitcoin Account’ to start.

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