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Frequently asked questions about crypto

What are Coinbase and Bitstamp?

Coinbase or Bitstamp allow people from all around the world to buy and sell cryptocurrencies safely. The two companies based in the US and UK belong to the biggest crypto trading platforms on the market.

With Numbrs you can aggregate your Coinbase or Bitstamp balances on the Homescreen as well as view and categorise your cryptocurrency transactions in the Timeline.

Support for other crypto exchanges

With Coinbase and Bitstamp, Numbrs supports the two largest crypto trading platforms on the market. Further crypto exchanges in the Numbrs app are currently not supported by Numbrs.

Transactions with cryptocurrencies

All transactions made with your cryptocurrencies are shown according to the daily exchange rates on the Home screen. You can aggregate your balances as well as view and categorise your cryptocurrency transactions in the Timeline. The use of cryptocurrencies for initiating transactions is currently not supported.

Trading with cryptocurrencies

We are constantly working on improving and expanding the features of our app. However, buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Numbrs is not yet supported. We do not exclude the integration of this feature in the future.

Why it is worth adding your Coinbase or Bitstamp account to Numbrs

Using numerous, complex algorithms, Numbrs categorises your data for you and evaluates it for the purpose of your expenditure analysis. If you connect all your accounts in Numbrs, we can help you optimise your finances and give you a precise overview of your overall financial status.
Since your investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies are as much part of your finances as your monthly income or your daily expenses, we recommend you add them to Numbrs.

Security with cryptocurrencies

You trust Numbrs with your financial data. Security and data protection are therefore our top priority. No matter what type of account or platform you add to Numbrs.

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