Create a Numbrs Bitcoin Account

A user account is required to use the Numbrs app and the web app.

The main purpose of a user account is to keep your data secure. A user account ensures that only you can access your data. This involves the creation of a security code. If your smartphone gets lost or stolen, your data will remain secure. Furthermore, you can switch devices and easily access all of your previous data. Having a user account also allows our support team assist you more efficiently with any queries you may have.

You can set up your Numbrs Bitcoin Account via the Numbrs app or our fully optimized web app.

  1. To sign up from the Numbrs app, please open the app and tap on ‘Open new Bitcoin Account’. If you wish to sign up from the web app, please navigate to the sign up page:
  2. Please enter the email address you wish to use to create your Numbrs account.
  3. If the email address is valid, an email will be sent to you to finish the sign up process.
  4. Please click the link in the email you received to finish signing up. You will then be prompted to create a security code.
    • If you sign up from the web app, it is not necessary to create a security code.
  5. Once you have successfully validated your account and signed up for our services, you must accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Please read the information displayed carefully. Then, select 'Continue'.
  7. Please create an encryption password to lock your Private Key. The encryption password must meet following requirements:
    • Min 1 upper case
    • Min 1 number
    • Min 1 symbol
    • Min 8 characters
  8. Please keep in mind that if you lose your encryption password and you have not backed up your Bitcoin Account, you will no longer be able to access your assets.
    • In order to ensure that you don't lose your password, we offer the possibility to store it directly via a password manager. Visit How to choose a secure password to learn more about how Numbrs integrates with password managers.
  9. Confirm the encryption password and select 'Continue'.
  10. Please wait until your Bitcoin Account is created, and select ‘Continue’ to start.

You have successfully created a Numbrs Bitcoin Account.

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