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Add a bank account

  1. Open the Numbrs app.
  2. On your Homescreen, tap on the plus sign on the upper right corner.
    • Alternatively, if you haven’t added any bank account yet, you can also tap on ‘add’ on your Banks slot and skip step 3.
  3. Tap on ‘Add bank account’.
    • If you are registering with Numbrs as a new user you will automatically be prompted to add a bank account as part of the registration process. In this case you will continue here:
  4. Enter the name of your bank in the search bar. Confirm your selection by tapping on your bank.
    • You can also find the most common banks in the list of shortcuts.
    • Users with a German bank account are recommended to search for their bank using the bank code.
  5. You will be redirected. Please enter your online banking login credentials and continue.
  6. Review all accounts, which have successfully been imported to Numbrs and tap ‘Continue’ on the confirmation screen.

You have successfully added a bank account to Numbrs.

In case you receive an error message when adding your bank account to Numbrs, you can find a list of the most frequent issues here.

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