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I get errors when trying to send money

Recipient incomplete

In order to perform a transaction, some banks may require more information than an imported contact contains. In this case, our system detects an error and aborts the transaction. Should an error occur during the creation of a transfer before the PIN or TAN inquiry, a contact might be defective. You can easily solve the problem by manually adjusting that specific contact and repeating the transaction.

Transaction limit exceeded

Your bank sets a transaction limit. If you exceed this limit, a transaction might be declined by your bank. In this case you can contact your bank and ask if the transaction limit has been reached and if it is possible to raise it.

Duplicate transaction

Another issue might arise if you try to perform the same transaction twice within a short period of time. Many banks use a security measure that prevents accidental duplicate executions. You can work around this security measure by simply changing the subject of the second transaction or waiting a couple of hours.

Keep in mind that Numbrs only initiates payments and is not involved in the transaction – we only send the payment instructions to your bank.

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