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Issues with bank authentication

Blocked online banking access

You have entered your online banking PIN or password incorrectly too many times and now your access is locked. Unfortunately, we cannot unlock your account for you, as we don't have access to your data. Some banks allow you to unlock your access through the online banking portal by using a TAN. Otherwise, the customer service of your bank should be able to help you.

Selecting the correct bank

To ensure that you select the correct bank we would advise you to search for it by entering the bank code (BLZ). It consists of 8 digits and can usually be found on the back of your debit card.

Using the correct login credentials

To connect your bank account with Numbrs you need the same credentials as for your regular online banking.

Using two factor authentication

For various actions in Numbrs a second authentication with a TAN has to be done. The TAN will usually be sent by your bank. The strong authentication is required for adding your bank, refreshing your timeline and initiating a transaction in the Numbrs app.

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