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Viva España. Numbrs Continues Expansion Across Europe and Launches its Smart Wallet in Spain

Numbrs launches its Smart Wallet in Spain today. After Numbrs successfully released its app in Germany in 2014 and in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2020, Spain is already the third European country, where smartphone users can manage all their bank accounts, crypto wallets, and loyalty cards with Numbrs. 

As announced in February, our goal this year is to make Numbrs available to as many European users as possible. The first step on this mission is Spain. From now on, iOS and Android users in Spain will be able to manage their personal finances with the Smart Wallet from Numbrs. 

Numbrs customers in Spain will enjoy all the features that make Numbrs Smart Wallet unique – such as AI-powered insights that inform users about everything related to their financial situation, money transfers, automatic reports, and much more. 

Fynn Kreuz, a Managing Partner, says: "The launch of Numbrs Smart Wallet in Spain is an important step as we continue to expand our offering to customers across Europe, providing them with the smartest wallet for all their bank accounts, crypto, and loyalty cards. We are very happy to present the Smart Wallet in Spain and look forward to adding more markets that are on our roadmap.”

For more information, please visit If you have further questions or comments, you can always contact our friendly support team. You can reach us via chat in the app or via email at


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