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Someone else may be accessing my account. What now?

I lost my smartphone:

If you have a phone tracking or lockdown service, turn it on to locate or shutdown your phone. You may also download the Numbrs app on another device to log in and change your credentials.

Remember, Numbrs is protected by two layers of authentication (username + password and security code), as well as fingerprint authentication for phones which support it. This gives you extra security. Hopefully, you also have an additional password lock on your phone.

Someone else has knowledge of my log-in credentials:

Numbrs credentials: If you suspect that someone has knowledge of your Numbrs log-in details, change your username, password and security code immediately. If this is not possible, contact your bank to have your internet banking blocked and new log-in credentials sent to you.

Online banking credentials: If you believe someone has access to your bank account log-in details, you should immediately notify your bank to change your internet banking credentials. You should also change the credentials associated with your Numbrs account.

Unauthorised transactions:

If you see suspicious transactions you did not authorise, immediately contact your bank to determine the origin of such transactions. If your suspicions are correct, your bank should issue you a new card or provide new credentials for internet banking.

Please also read what you can add to the security of Numbrs.

Should you have further questions you can also always contact our friendly customer support team.

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