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Security: How safe is my data?

You are trusting us with your financial data so we want to assure you that we consider data privacy and security as the top priority in everything we do. Here we will explain the ‘ins and outs’ of Numbrs’ data security.

Does Numbrs have access to my money?

No. Numbrs only communicates with your bank in your name and can therefore retrieve transactions for you.

Are communication and data storage secure?

Absolutely. All data communications between your phone, Numbrs servers and your bank take place via a secure and encrypted channel. At Numbrs, all the information we have on file for you --- your bank accounts and your transactions --- are stored in encrypted form.

SSL-connection: SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a standard protocol for secure and encrypted communication over the Internet. When information is transmitted via the Internet through SSL, it is rendered unreadable to anyone but you and the transmitting party. These security protocols and certificates are continuously being updated, so that we can always guarantee the highest technical security standards. We currently use TLS 1.2 with a 2048-bit SSL for all our connections. This ensures the complete safety and privacy of your data while using the Numbrs app and its website.

Data privacy and security on our servers: All data stored on our servers is encrypted with the highest standards.

German servers - German laws

All data is stored in German datacentres. Those datacentres are PCI-DSS and ISO27001 certified and are therefore governed by strict German data privacy laws. Additionally we use TLS 1.2 mit 2048-Bit SSL for all our connections. We do this and many other things to always ensure the highest possible security.

Proactive monitoring of servers: We regularly carry out safety tests and additionally have external security companies verify the security of our application.

Is Numbrs technology state of the art?

Yes, the Numbrs app has been developed using the latest technologies and security standards. Our multi-level authentication process ensures that you are the only person given access to the app. If you have been inactive for a long time or left the app, you will be prompted to enter your credentials again.

Account information security: We ensure that your data is securely stored. We use state-of-the-art encryption technologies for protection.

Is storing the online banking credentials optional?

Yes, only you decide whether you want to store your online banking credentials with Numbrs. Storing the online banking credentials is turned off by default and only serves for you to automatically refresh your Timeline. When saving your online banking credentials, they are stored safely and encrypted on our servers without possible access from the outside world including all Numbrs staff. An additional advantage of storing your online banking credentials is that you do not have to enter them each time we retrieve information for you from your bank. Numbrs uses your online banking credentials only to authenticate your identity with your bank. Numbrs will never communicate your online banking credentials to any device, server or third party other than your bank and is liable for such scenarios.

What happens with my data when I remove one of my accounting connections from the app?

Removing an accounting connection will also erase all related data from our servers including transaction data and account access data.

What happens with my data when I delete my Numbrs account?

By deleting your Numbrs account, you will permanently erase all data and settings associated with your account. This action cannot be undone.

Questions about data privacy?

Click here for the article on our data privacy and security measures.

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