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Missing logos, symbols and categories

Missing logos

Not all merchants have logos that are readily available in sufficient quality. Numbrs already automatically assigns logos to the companies our users interact with most frequently. However, this is a growing database and we are constantly adding logos to any transaction whenever possible. Private contact icons, on the other hand, are currently not supported.
Want to help? Please feel free to send us any missing logos - we will then do our best to add them to our database after having verified their authenticity. Make sure to also state the exact name of the transaction as shown in the Timeline or add a screenshot and submit everything per email. Thank you very much, your support is much appreciated.

Missing categories

Your data is yours alone. We don’t know your name, your address, your age, or your gender, and we will never ask for it. Your personal details, financial data and all other information that you provide in the app or on the website are kept strictly confidential. Because of our strict privacy settings, the automatic categoriser cannot access all of your information. You can improve categorisation by allocating uncategorised transactions to the desired category manually, thereby enhancing the process for the future.

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