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Follow this guide to define budgets and to gain better control over your finances:

  • Open the Numbrs app.
  • Tap ‘Analysis’ in the menu bar.
  • Scroll down to set a new budget or to see the already set ones.
  • Tap ‘Set your first budget’ or ‘Set a budget’.
  • Please note that Android users can only define budgets if the time period is set to ‘Months’.
  • Select the category for which you wish to set a budget.
  • Set the maximum amount you want to spend in that specific category per month.
  • Repeat these steps for all other categories you would like to set a limit for.
  • Next, you will see in the Analysis how much of your pre-set budget you have already spent per category.

Since you have better control over your finances now, you can plan your budget and Numbrs will help you to meet your goals.

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