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Our Analysis feature helps you to manage your finance:

  • When going to ‘Analysis’, you can see the following 4 overview cards:
    → Income: Includes all income from the last 30 days. It also shows you when you received the last payment. If you have categorised any of your income as ‘Salary’, you will see when you received your last salary.
    → Spending: Includes every spending within the last 30 days. It also shows if you have spent more or less than your average.
    → Savings: Includes all savings from the current year. 10 % of your income is set as a default goal, which can be changed but cannot be set to zero.
    → Goals: A default goal called ‘Emergency Fund’ is automatically set for you, which you can change or deactivate. Also, you can add more goals.
  • You can set a filter in ‘Income’ as well as in ‘Spending’ in order to determine which accounts should be considered for the calculation. Please note that the filter you set here is automatically also applied to the Timeline.
  • You can also filter the accounts in ‘Savings’ and ‘Goals’, though the filter you set here has no impact on the the calculation in the Income and Spending sections.
  • Internal transfers between two of your accounts can be removed from the Income and Spending Analysis by excluding the corresponding category (learn how to exclude categories from the Income and Spending Analysis).
  • Thanks to Budgets you can set in ‘Spending’, you get an extra detailed insight into your monthly finances (learn how to set budgets here).

Concluding, you have a detailed overview of all your transactions and can easily set saving goals in order to always be on top of your finances.

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