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Money Store

Would you like to apply for a bank account or loan? Tailor the product to your needs by adjusting the product details, such as the amount and period of the loan or its monthly rate, and apply for the product directly in the chat.

Coming soon in the UK

The Best Financial Products.

A bank-independent team of experts carefully selects all financial products in the Money Store.

Chat Instead of Form.

After you have selected your product, a Money Store Expert will guide you through the product application step by step.

100% Digital.

Once all your information is completed, you will receive the contract as a PDF file by chat.

Our Bank Partners

The Money Store lets you discover and apply for the best financial products of our banking partners. Numbrs is not a bank, that’s why we don’t offer our own financial products. The Money Store currently offers financial products of the following banks:

Money Store Chat

Opening a credit or a bank account has never been easier. Thanks to the chat, complicated forms are a thing of the past. Our Money Store Experts personally guide you through the product application by chat. There you can always ask questions about products or pause the application process and continue at a later date. Additionally, you will be informed in realtime if your application was successful and receive the contract documents directly by chat. You can also view the profiles of our Money Store Experts and rate their performance.

Data Protection

The security of your data is Numbrs’ highest priority. Numbrs will never sell your data. When you apply for a product, our Money Store Experts and the concerning bank can only see the data required for the application of the product or the contract closing. No data is shared among bank partners. We conduct eligibility checks to make sure no unauthorised person can apply for a product in your name.


Here you can find answers to questions you may have regarding the Money Store and Chat.

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