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The trust of our users means a lot to us. Numbrs respects the privacy of every single person and protects it with complex encryption techniques as well as strict guidelines for dealing with all data.

Your Data is Yours Alone

We do not sell your data to third parties under any circumstances. We do not sell your data to third parties under any circumstances. Your name may be Andrew Miller but to us you are: 1a1d9612-5df9-4152-ae0b-46dfad80c3ed.

All data, stored by the app in certified German data centres, are in pseudo-anonymised form and fully encrypted using SSL/TLS 2048-bit or higher encryption. We comply with the German data protection law. And several German authorities, such as the German Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV), carefully examined Numbrs with regards to security and data protection, and acknowledged Numbrs as a highly trustworthy app.


Numbrs is not a bank or a comparison site and will not offer its own financial products. We are 100% bank-independent and do not make recommendations. With the Numbrs app, you can manage your finances independently and make your own decisions. This independence guarantees that our main interest is to put you in control of your finances.

Security Features

Numerous security features protect your data and your money.

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