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Martin Saidler

Executive Chairman, CEO & Founder

Martin Saidler is the Executive Chairman, CEO and Founder of Numbrs. In his career as an entrepreneur, Martin Saidler has founded, invested in and sold numerous companies.

Christina Rogge

Managing Partner, Chief Operations Officer

Christina Rogge is a Managing Partner at Numbrs and responsible for the organizational development as a whole as well as the growth strategy of the company.

Severin Jan Ruegger

Managing Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Severin Ruegger is a Managing Partner at Numbrs and responsible for the development of the business strategy, the strategic initiatives, as well as the strategy implementation.

Fynn Kreuz

Managing Partner, Chief Marketing Officer

Fynn Kreuz is a Managing Partner at Numbrs and leads the fields of marketing and communications. He is responsible for all advertising and PR activities of the company.

Daniel Müller

Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Müller is a Managing Partner and leads the finance department at Numbrs. His range of duties includes the lead of accounting, reporting, controlling as well as the intermediate-term business strategy.

Tobias Fuchs

Managing Partner, Head of Legal

Tobias Fuchs is a Managing Partner and Head of Legal at Numbrs. He leads the legal department and coordinates all legal subjects and tasks throughout the enterprise.

Gianni Scenini

Partner, Head of Technology

Gianni Scenini is a Partner and Head of Technology. He is responsible for everything related to technology at Numbrs, defines the technological vision and controls its proper realization.

Luis Lacambra

Partner, Head of Product and Design

Luis Lacambra is a Partner and Head of Product and Design. He defines the product roadmap and coordinates all UX, UI and product-related subjects.

Ildiko Sirman

Managing Partner, Chief of Staff

Ildiko Sirman supports the COO and the executive team of Numbrs with overseeing major strategic projects and ensuring their quick execution.

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