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The Numbrs headquarters is located in Zurich. Zurich lies at the heart of Europe and is the economic and cultural centre of Switzerland. The city impresses with its unique location on Lake Zurich, its immediate proximity to the Alps and its urban diversity.


Refurbished in October 2015 with more than 2,000m², the headquarters provides a unique work environment. Renovated from scratch, the office building on Edenstrasse, Zurich, is part of Swiss architectural history of the 1950s. Then and now, the building has set the standard regarding functionality and use of space. Large rooms and high ceilings exude a sense of generosity. Soundproof materials, unique curtains, and wall coverings absorb noise and lead to a peaceful work atmosphere.


Every detail of the spacious and modern location was specifically tailored to the needs of all company departments and operations. For example, the work desks made of birch wood have been tailor-made. They are 25% larger than the industry standard, offering more space and freedom for employees. A fitness centre, a professionally equipped cinema, a café and a well-equipped restaurant are all available on-site and free of charge for all staff. The interior design of the business premises reflects both the clarity of our design as well as the company's values.

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