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Recruitment Process
Coding Challenge

Coding Challenge

Our experts will invite you to a 45-minute coding challenge. You will share your screen with our team and work on a task within your preferred coding environment. Think of it as a collaborative project – our experts will accompany you and provide advice throughout. To solve the task, you can use your own laptop, your preferred programming language and text editor, but it is also possible to use one of our machines.

What to expect:
Be prepared to answer questions about algorithms and data structures. Of course, you will not be asked to code a red-black tree from memory, but you should know about trees, hash tables, linked lists and related subjects.

System Design. It is important to us that our developers can fix practice-oriented problems. Therefore, you can expect a system design question requiring you to build a prototype of a web service.

What not to expect:
Complex algorithms. We will not ask you to implement any complex algorithms, but feel free to impress us and find an application for one if you like.
Prototype. We know that it is difficult to build a working prototype in a short period of time. Therefore, we are more interested in the discussion that follows during the review of your prototype.

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