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Recruitment Process

1. Video / Phone Interview

After a detailed examination of your application and interest on our part, we will invite you to a personal video or telephone call with one of our recruiters. During this call, we want to learn more about your experiences, knowledge and interest in Numbrs. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions. Depending on your position, you might receive a job-related assignment.

2. Your Day at Numbrs

If you receive an invitation to meet Numbrs, you are among the top 5% of all applicants. Our team will welcome you in Zurich and show you around our premises. According to your desired position, you will work on a task and discuss your results with our experts. Furthermore, you will get to know your team and other stakeholders during lunch or at the café. We will of course organise your arrival and cover your travel expenses.

3. Feedback

Since we really appreciate your efforts, we strive to provide you with a quick and honest feedback.

Open Positions

Here you can find out more about our current job opportunities.

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