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The Best
Banking App.
The Best
Banking App.
Manage All Bank Transactions, Simple, Secure, and Neutral.
With Numbrs you can manage all your finances independently and make your own decisions. Numbrs is not a bank. Our neutrality gives you the assurances that we have only one interest - to provide you with the control of your personal finances.

One App. All Banks.

Connect all your different bank accounts and manage all of your finances with one app.

All Account Postings.

Your modern bank statements. Check all your transactions and account balance.

Send Money.

Send money simple, fast, and secure to your family, friends, and contacts.

Control Your Finances.

The automated categorisation of your expenses, as well as setting up budgets and saving goals help you optimise your finances.

Loyalty Cards.

Add all your loyalty cards to Numbrs and never forget to collect loyalty points again.

The Best Bank Products.

The Money Store. 100% digital. The fastest and easiest way to apply for bank products.

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It Cannot Be Done Faster.

In the Money Store you can apply for your bank product in just a few minutes and completely paperless.

Your Data Is Safe.

Numerous security features protect your privacy, your data, and your money.

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Apple Watch

All information can also be displayed on the Apple Watch.

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