We are expanding our in-house video content production

At Numbrs, we believe in the full-stack principle. To us, full-stack means that we try to work independently of third-party providers in as many areas of our company as possible. Being full-stack allows us to ensure the highest level of quality in all aspects of the business. We do not think that we know everything better straight from the beginning, but we do try to take matters into our own hands here at Numbrs, always aiming for the best possible result. We believe that through dedication, care and effort, we will find the best solution to any problem.

This relates for example to our Technology Department, which recently developed its very own video identification system. This had previously only been done by two other companies that specialise in this matter. Another example would be the Numbrs Store and Support Department, which, in contrast to many other companies, decided not to outsource its support team but make it a key part of our company instead, letting it work side by side with our core team in Zurich. This allows us to guarantee a high level of quality when it comes to our support service. Now, we are applying the same principle to marketing, especially in regards to content creation.

In the past, we have already started creating our own television ads and social media advertising content. This included writing the scripts for all the films and monitoring the productions on-site. In the last couple of weeks, however, we have begun investing in our own infrastructure as well as in the technical equipment for an in-house film and photography studio for new content. The studio is being built at our headquarters in Zurich and will enable us to produce all our video and advertising materials on our own.

The motivation for this is not only the full-stack principle but also a number of long-term strategic deliberations. As a result of the content marketing boom, which is becoming increasingly dependent on video material, we require significantly more high-quality and up-to-date video content. An additional reason is the growing number of channels, platforms and screens, as well as the diverse segmentation of customer groups. As a result, custom-tailored advertising formats are needed to target all these different groups.

In the first weeks of the new year, we will set up our production team and begin producing our own content step by step. We’re very excited about this new project. As in almost every other part of our company where the full-stack principle applies, we will start out by learning as much as we can and collecting valuable experiences before achieving an exciting end-result.

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