Universities of St. Gallen and Leipzig invited Numbrs CEO Oyvind Oanes

As part of a research project titled “CC Sourcing in the Financial Industry”, the University of St. Gallen and Leipzig University discuss the subject of digital transformation. In order to gain direct insight from the industry, the two universities invited Numbrs CEO Oyvind Oanes for a guest talk.

Around 60 listeners attended the almost two-hour-long talk with much interest, which focused on the opportunities and challenges posed by the digital transformation of the financial industry, as well as the complex development of Centralway Numbrs’ technology platform.

The various enterprises participating in the research project, such as Swisscom, UBS and Credit Suisse, routinely deal with key future issues like digitalisation, the structure of financial systems, new payment transaction methods, collaborations with FinTech, or even the future influence of PSD2.

After his talk, Oyvind Oanes joined a lively discussion with the participants, as well as the moderating professors, and reminded the participants at the banking conference of the increasingly strong pressure that technological progress is placing on the traditional business models in the banking industry.

“I was very happy about the invitation from the universities. The discussion with the participants showed how different the perceptions of the financial industry’s transformation can be”, commented Numbrs CEO Oyvind Oanes.

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