The new Numbrs website. Reduction to the essentials.

The new Numbrs website is more than just a facelift. Its design embodies everything we stand for as a company.

One of the most important guidelines for our design is clarity. For us, design is not just about aesthetics, it is about function. For the user every point of contact with Numbrs must be clear and understandable. For our website this means self-explanatory menu navigation, minimal use of color and only showing information that is really relevant.

Another of our credos is "black on white". The German proverb refers to the clarity and commitment of black ink on white paper. Commitment is one of our fixed corporate values and it stands for the commitment towards our users, too. We want to make this visible: On our entire website we write black text on white backgrounds.

Last but not least we want our new website to be a place without noise. In a world of increasing sensory overload we reject loud advertising, bright colours and confusing forms. For this reason we have removed everything from our pages that distracts from their main message.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

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