The Money Store — A Success Story

It’s only been two years since we’ve launched the Money Store feature. As a brand new feature, the Money Store has quickly gained immense popularity. It’s time for a look back.

The first in-app distribution platform for financial products

The banking-app Numbrs serves as a central hub to our users to manage their various bank accounts and transactions. We give our users a better overview of their financial situation and allow them to manage their finances. All of this in a single app instead of multiple.

With the introduction of the Money Store, Numbrs has pioneered the finance industry. For the first time, users can compare bank accounts, personal loans and credit cards from leading banks and complete the whole process without leaving the app.

As the first feature of its kind, the Money Store has quickly developed into a success story and is now an integral feature of our banking app. Over the past year, we have further increased the value of the Money Store with continuous improvements, new partnerships and the completion of an in-house developed video identification system (KYC).

Learn more about our own video identification process.

24 bank partners and 49 products

When the Money Store was initially released, it only offered a few bank products from leading German banks such as Postbank and norisbank. Today we are very proud to present our users with a continuously growing selection in each product category, such as current accounts, credit cards, and personal loans. Step by step we are adding more products to the Money Store and thereby expand the product selection.

It is our goal to offer our users only the best bank products. This is why we are very pleased to be working with the best leading financial institutes in Germany.

The fastest and easiest way to purchase financial products

The Money Store is a mobile and bank-independent distribution platform for financial products. Numbrs users can select products from leading German banks and complete the product application within minutes. The whole application process is 100% digital and completely paperless.

The Numbrs Chat feature guides users through the product application and the video identification allows users to obtain their contract by validating their identity directly in the app. The entire process can be completed within minutes. This feature is unique in the finance industry and provides real value to every user.

Learn more about how simple it is to open an account in the Money Store.

Product of the Month campaign

Every month we present an attractive product from the Money Store. The offers are exclusively available in the Money Store and stand out with unrivalled bonuses.

We’ve launched national ad campaigns on tv and social media to promote some of the offers. The campaign for the fee-free current account from 1822 was a surely highlight. The spot was produced and developed entirely internally and received great engagement from our community.

Learn more about the Product of the Month Campaign.

Our plans for the future — Numbrs Care and insurances

Just last month, we’ve launched Numbrs Care in the Money Store. Numbrs Care protects against unforeseeable misfortunes that can happen in our daily lives. The offer is exclusively available in the Numbrs app and includes eight different insurances in an all-round package. Including but not limited by is a best-price guarantee, travel insurance, electronic insurance, risk-free cash insurance, as well as online shopping insurance. Numbrs Care offers great flexibility. It can be cancelled at any time and has no minimum term, which is another unique feature compared to other insurance packages.

Additionally, we will add insurance as a new product category in the coming year, thus extending the product selection in the Money Store even further. Of course, we will continue to work on adding more features to the Money Store and improving user experience.

Finally, we would like to thank all our users as well as our bank partners for their trust, and without whom the success of the Money Store would not have been possible.

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