The modern workplace. Office or remote?

Until the introduction of our remote work programme “Campus”, we took the approach of requiring that our employees work exclusively at our headquarters on a common goal and only offering the possibility of remote work in exceptional situations.

Our decision to not allow remote work was due to various reasons such as lack of communication between colleagues, the mixing of work and private life, or the lack of teamwork. Generally speaking, we are still convinced that it is best for employees to work shoulder to shoulder in a well-equipped office on common goals and projects.

However, as a modern company we have to rise to the challenges of the new working world and meet the demands placed on an attractive employer. This is why we introduced the remote work programme Campus 3 months ago. Campus enables talented developers to be part of our vision regardless of location.

In addition to Campus, we will retain the headquarters in Zurich and expand the area of responsibility at this location. We are convinced that the most important factor for good teamwork among colleagues is communication. Good ideas and products are produced when the best employees are physically together and work on a project side by side.

This is why only the best employees work in our headquarters, since they are responsible for implementing the company’s most important projects. In our company headquarters, we..

Campus employees support our top engineers in their day-to-day as well as their essential tasks. However, their work is no less challenging nor do they have less responsibility. Campus employees must be willing to communicate with our team in Zurich, apply the necessary self-discipline to complete routine work on schedule and ensure very good quality.

Campus can be understood as an international talent pool that enables talented developers to work with industry leaders every day and to demonstrate their expertise repeatedly.

Whether working at home is principally good or bad cannot be answered. You should not make it an ‘either-or’ question, since both have advantages and disadvantages, both for the employee and for our company. In the coming weeks and months we will gradually expand our remote programme Campus and strengthen and develop our collaboration with our team of experts in Zurich.

With this strategy in place we are confident that we can successfully master the challenges of the modern workplace.


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