The fee-free Mastercard Gold is now available in the Numbrs Store – Numbrs

The fee-free Mastercard Gold is now available in the Numbrs Store

We are happy to announce the expansion of the Numbrs Store with an entirely new category. From now on, users can apply for the fee-free Mastercard Gold from Advanzia.

The fee-free Mastercard Gold is one of the best priced credit cards in Germany. Alongside multiple awards, the credit card also boasts the following benefits:

  • No annual fee
  • No usage fees worldwide
  • No fees for cash withdrawals
  • No fees for replacement cards, PIN replacements or card blocking
  • Free, personalised customer service 24/7
  • Contactless payments possible
  • The included travel insurance of the fee-free Mastercard Gold insures you and up to 3 fellow travellers for a trip length of 2–90 days

Advanzia is the fifth bank partner

Following the launch of the Numbrs Store at the beginning of the year, Advanzia is already the fifth bank partner that is making their product available through our platform. In addition to Advanzia, a number of other banks are already partnered with the Numbrs Store: the Postbank, norisbank, SWK and Oyak Anker Bank.

Centralway Numbrs is not a bank

Through the banking App Centralway Numbrs, users can manage all their accounts and financial products centrally from one App. In the Numbrs Store users can also apply for various products from a number of banks and conclude the contracts directly in the App.

Through the Numbrs Store we aim to reduce the barriers to changing contracts and therefore reduce the costs of personal finance. As an independent platform we guarantee complete transparency.

Centralway Numbrs is neither a bank, nor a financial advisor or comparison portal. We are 100% independent from banks and do not provide product recommendations. Through the Centralway Numbrs App you can manage your finances and make your own decisions. This independence ensures that we only have one interest — to give you control over your own finances.

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