Two-factor authentication

Since the implemenation of the EU directive ‘PSD2’ on 14.09.2019 a strong customer authentication is necessary for the majority of Numbrs functions. A strong customer authentication (two-factor authentication) is an additional step in the authentication process which requires you to enter a TAN (transaction number) in Numbrs, provided by your bank. You can receive a TAN for example as mTAN / smsTAN, pushTAN or chipTAN.

Adding a bank connection to Numbrs

Adding a bank connection requires you to enter your online banking credentials and a TAN provided by your bank, depending on the TAN method chosen.

Refreshing the Timeline

Refreshing the Timeline requires you to provide your credentials and a TAN. Please note that with some banks you have to enter a TAN with every refresh.

Sending money

With each transaction you want to execute in Numbrs, you will have to enter your bank credentials and an additional TAN.