Send money

Please note that we only forward your payment order to the bank, not actually execute it.

  1. Tap on ‘Send money’ in the menu bar and type in the desired amount.
  2. Tap on ‘Select bank account’ to choose from which account you would like to subtract the money.
  3. Tap on ‘Select contact’ and either fill out an IBAN manually or choose a contact.
  4. Tap on ‘Subject’ and enter a reference. Please note that you are obliged to enter a subject. An empty space can lead to error messages.
  5. Tap in the right top corner ‘Next’ and put in your online banking credentials of the selected account.
  6. A selection for the TAN method appears. If you already selected a TAN method, you will be forwarded to the next page.
  7. Put in your TAN and tap on ‘Send’.
  8. Afterwards you get a confirmation that your payment order was sent successfully to your bank.

Alternatively, you can tap on an existing transaction in the Timeline to transfer money to that contact again. When tapping on a transaction you can see ‘Transfer again’ on the bottom of the page. Selecting this will pre-fill the form with the existing data and can be changed manually.

Numbrs also allows international SEPA transactions.

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