The Numbrs referral program allows you to invite your friends to use Numbrs and profit from it. For each invited friend that registers an account with Numbrs and adds a German bank account, both of you will receive a bonus of €5.00.

To create your personal invitation link, tap on the gift symbol found on the top right in the timeline, the analysis or under ‘More’ and follow the instructions. Afterwards you can share your generated link with your friends.

When will I get my bonus?

After participating in the referral program, you will receive an email which confirms the payout of the €5 bonus. Our payments are automatically sent to you bank account in the upcoming weeks.

Can I participate in the referral program without online banking?

In order to participate in the referral program, you have to add a German bank account to Numbrs. This requires access to online banking. If you don't have access to online banking yet, the customer service of your bank can help you with the setup.

Tap on the gift icon in the upper right corner of your Timeline, Analysis, or under ‘More’. There you will find your personal invitation link and have the possibility to share it directly.

Why is the amount under ‘Paid’ not correct?

The amount under ‘Paid’ changes automatically as soon as the payment is being initiated by the system. After the payout is initiated by Numbrs, it might take several business days until your bank has processed the payment.

Why don't I see all friends I have invited?

The counter will increase automatically after your friend has used your link, created a Numbrs account and added a German bank account.

Will I have to pay back the bonus?

No, you don't have to pay it back. Please note that you will not receive any outstanding payments if you delete your user account.

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