Create a user account

To use all features of Numbrs, a user account is required. You can create your account in less than one minute.

Why do I need to create a user account?

A user account is needed for the safety of your data. With it you get security features which protect your data from being accessed by unauthorised persons. An example is the Numbrs password or the security code. This way your data is even safe if your smartphone gets lost or is stolen. If you get a new smartphone, you can just log in to Numbrs on your new device and use the app without losing any of your data.

How to create a user account

  1. Open the Numbrs app and tap ‘Get started’.
  2. Tap in one of the menu points on ‘Add bank account’ or choose ‘User account’ under ‘More’.
  3. Tap ‘Continue’, enter your email address and accept our terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy by tapping ‘Agree and continue’.
  4. Verify shortly if the entered email address is correct and confirm it with ‘Yes’. Otherwise choose ‘Edit’ to correct the email address.
  5. Choose a strong password and tap ‘Continue’.
  6. Choose a 6-digit security code and confirm it in the next step. The code enables you to log in to the app faster. Please pay attention not to choose easy-to-guess combinations (e.g. ‘123456’).
  7. On the next two screens, decide if you would like to share anonymous usage data with us to help improve Numbrs and whether you want to receive newsletters about the newest and exclusive product offers in our Money Store.
  8. Shortly after, you will receive a welcome email asking you to confirm your registration.

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