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Send Money with Numbrs — Fast, Simple, Secure

We are receiving great reviews about our Send Money function, which lets users effortlessly make payments, transfer money across different bank accounts, schedule transfers or set up standing orders. In this blog post, we want to showcase this uniquely designed feature.

Different Banks — Same Banking App

With traditional banking apps, users would need to switch back and forth between their different banking apps to make transfers, which takes time and is often confusing. Numbrs allows users to integrate their bank accounts from different banks, through which sending money across bank accounts is exceptionally easy and fast.

3 important Send Money Features explained:

  1. Simple transfer: Transfer money within seconds across different bank accounts or to friends and family.
  2. Scheduled transfer: Schedule a transaction to send money on a particular date.
  3. Standing order: Set up a standing order to make regular payments without having to think about it every time.

A PlayStore Rating a happy Numbrs user.

5 Reasons Why Our Users Love to Send Money with Numbrs:

  1. Design: The Send Money tab in the control hub makes it unmistakably clear where to go to make a transaction. Our distinctive black and white design and short and simple instruction texts let users effortlessly navigate through the app.
  2. Functionality: Every command in the Numbrs app is carefully crafted, so users instantly know its function. And there are many simple shortcuts to make transactions even easier.
  3. Automated Contact Generation: Numbrs automatically creates contacts for every transaction, so next time users want to make a transaction they do not have to type in the information again, they can simply look up the contact and adjust the payment.
  4. Use Past Transactions as a Template: Another popular way to make payments or send money is to look at past transactions in the Numbrs timeline and tap on “send money again” to use them as a template for new transactions.
  5. Support: Our support chat is always there for our users in case they have a question about a feature. With easy to understand instructions the support agents always find a solution and follow up end to end to make sure our users get the support they require.

Security First

Numbrs lets users enter their security credentials from their bank accounts. Before making a transfer, they are asked to enter their banking pin to ensure maximum security is maintained at all times.

Happy Users:

Here are just a few examples of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive from users


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