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Postbank and norisbank partner with Centralway Numbrs

Zurich, 26 January 2017. Postbank and norisbank today announced that they now offer their products via the Centralway Numbrs app. The partnership between the German banks and the Swiss technology company allows Centralway Numbrs’ users to apply for accounts, loans and credit cards from both banks from their smartphones in a convenient way.

“We are delighted that we were able to secure not one, but two renowned banks, Postbank and norisbank, as partners for our Numbrs Store just after its launch. We want our banking app to offer customers the biggest and best selection of a diverse range of financial services. To accomplish this, we will aim to expand our offering by attracting new partners,” commented Martin Saidler, CEO and founder of Centralway Numbrs AG.

Centralway Numbrs has 1.5 million downloads and 1.5 million bank accounts managed through the app in Germany. It expects to launch a UK product this year. The company recently added the Numbrs Store, an independent platform for financial services, to the app. Postbank and norisbank combined serve almost 15 million customers and are the first partners to utilise this mobile sales channel for their products.

“A logical step towards the digital transformation of Postbank”

The Centralway Numbrs banking app serves as a portal for users’ various accounts and banking transactions. It provides customers with an enhanced overview of their finances, and they can manage their banking business much more conveniently from a single app. Thanks to the introduction of the Numbrs Store and the chat function, the multi-banking app is developing into a platform where users can compare a host of financial products from various banks and set up agreements directly via the app. In doing so, Centralway Numbrs is making it easier for users to switch to an agreement that offers better terms while reducing their personal finance costs.

“We are also providing Centralway Numbrs customers with access to tailored solutions to suit their financial needs with this app,” said Marco Lindgens, Member of the Management Board of norisbank GmbH. “We are confident that we will be able to convince Centralway Numbrs users of the benefits of our free ‘Top-Girokonto’ current account and our low-cost ‘Top-Kredit’ loans.”

“The partnership with Centralway Numbrs is a logical step towards the digital transformation of Postbank which addresses the latest technological trends and customers’ requirements,” added Oliver Haberstroh, Head of Direct Sales at Postbank.

About Postbank

With around 14 million customers, 19,000 employees and total assets amounting to €147 billion, the Postbank Group is one of Germany’s largest financial service providers. It focuses on business with retail customers and with small and medium-sized companies. Postbank offers its retail customers straightforward, low-cost products for their day-to-day needs. The portfolio ranges from payment services and deposit and lending business to bonds, investment funds, insurance policies and home savings contracts.

About norisbank

norisbank is a modern direct bank with around 560,000 customers who can access it online and by phone 24/7. With its round-the-clock services — available from any location — and without being tied to a branch network or branch opening hours, norisbank sees itself as a smart bank that is always on hand, any time, any place. It offers its customers award-winning quality products and services at attractive conditions. In addition to its core products — the free “Top-Girokonto” current account, free credit card and low-cost “Top-Kredit” loans — norisbank provides customers with a broad range of services from investments to insurance. norisbank has received several awards for its customer-oriented product portfolio. At the beginning of 2016, for example, it won three Focus Money awards, including in the “fairest car financer” category. norisbank was also the overall winner of the comprehensive Euro am Sonntag comparative test in 2016 with its credit rating-based online loan. In addition, Finanztest (issue 12/2016) issued norisbank with a score of “1.9” for its instalment loan. In July 2016, Handelsblatt named norisbank’s free current account as the “TOP Girokonto”. In the comprehensive comparison of current accounts carried out by Stiftung Warentest in October, norisbank received the coveted Warentest seal of approval for its “free current account with no conditions”. norisbank also won gold for its good value-for-money for the second time in a row in 2016 in Focus Money’s broad-based Deutschlandtest. TÜV Saarland also tested and confirmed the bank’s attractive product offering and value-for-money in late 2016 by declaring it “very good” and giving it a score of “1.9” for product and service quality.


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