Our New Website: The Smartest Banking App for a Healthy Financial Life

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new website

With our new website, we have decided to emphasise on Numbrs DNA, as a cutting edge technology company. The clean and engaging design avoids unnecessary distractions and illustrates how Numbrs uses the latest technology to deliver the smartest Banking app for a healthy financial life.

A technology company to the core

Numbrs is more than just another banking app. Our advanced data analytics technology allows us to provide users with important information about their spending habits and give them unbiased advice.

Besides in-depth expense-management insights, we are supporting users to find the best financial products for them. Bank accounts, credit cards, personal loans, and even insurances — we offer the best selection of financial products on the German market, all available in the app and within minutes with our 100% application process.

Designed by Numbrs

Simplicity is one of our core values which the design of the new website illustrates perfectly. Multi-scrolling behaviour makes navigating the website a smooth and eye-catching experience. The newly added animations showcase Numbrs’ features in a more engaging and understandable way.

Large typography and strong colour contrast guides visitors to the most important information. We’ve highlighted the great value users can benefit from when managing their finances with Numbrs. Additionally, the new website is more smartphone friendly than before, to align with our “mobile only” vision.

Focusing on what’s important

We have one goal, supporting as many people as possible to become independent and efficient in managing their finances. The new website gives clear use cases on how Numbrs can drastically improves your finances. Cutting-edge machine-learning technology directly enables our users to build a healthier financial life.

We hope you like our new website and continue to use Numbrs to manage your finances in a way that is simple, secure, and fast. Look out for many exciting new features to come.

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