Olà..Bem-vindos to Numbrs Brazil

Following the beta test in the United Kingdom, we are already looking forward to our next adventure and are therefore delighted to announce that Numbrs is slowly paving its way to Brazil.

As a first step Numbrs is now launching the Numbrs Brazil blog, where we will continuously be publishing priceless information on how to wisely control one’s finances. The blog aims to provide the readers in Brazil with valuable insights and information on how to manage their money in a straightforward and easy manner.

By visiting the Numbrs Brazil blog will find posts about various financial products (such as loans and investments) and advice on how to take control over your finances.

The CEO of Centralway Numbrs, Oyvind Oanes, comments:

“Brazil is country with a population of 200 million tech-friendly people. With 280 million active accounts, there are more cell phones than people. We believe that Brazilians will be empowered by our content, produced with the insights we have on the best way to manage your money”.

And who knows? Perhaps we will make the App available in Brazil soon…Ate já.

Want to know about Numbrs Brazil? Follow the blog or Facebook page:

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