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Numbrs presents: The “Product of the Month” promotion

Every month, an exclusive offer chosen from the best banking products.

The Numbrs app enables its users to manage their personal finances as simple, quickly and securely as possible. The Numbrs Store was created to give Numbrs users access to the best financial products available. Currently, the Numbrs Store has bank accounts, loans as well as credit cards on offer.

What makes the Numbrs Store special is that users can select their product of choice in the app, modify it to their individual needs and then apply for it in a straightforward manner via chat. In the future, we will even be offering an in-house developed video-based identification process, allowing users to complete their product applications within mere minutes.

The Product of the Month

Our newest initiative goes one step further. Exclusively to all Numbrs users, we are now launching the “Product of the Month” promotion. The “Product of the Month” promotion is an integral element of the Numbrs Store and will be offered on a regular basis. Every month, we want to offer all Numbrs users the best banking product in Germany.

To do so, we are collaborating with leading German banks to jointly put together attractive special offers, which will always be among Germany’s best in the relevant product categories. Thus, the “Product of the Month” can be a fee-free MasterCard Gold credit card one month and a free current account by the Wüstenrot bank the next. As a user, you can already look forward to what surprise we will be offering each month.

The best banking products on offer

It is very important to us that the products will always be among the best that are available in Germany. We want to offer our users quality products and not mutate into a price comparison platform. Trust in the app’s personal finance management functions as well as trust in our partner banks’ products are our cornerstones.

The “Product of the Month” is revealed monthly by way of an elaborately produced advertising campaign. Here, we will especially employ social media and take advantage of state-of-the-art advertising measures .

We are excited about the great that we will be able to offer our users in the coming months.

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