Numbrs presents the Barclaycard Visa Credit Card — Our Product of the Month for September

We have partnered up with Barclaycard, to offer one of the most popular credit cards in Germany.

A Trusted Brand

Like Numbrs, Barclaycard was awarded by Focus Money for its excellent customer care service. Barclaycard leads the way in modern banking practices by not charging its customers with an annual fee. Further are Barclaycard Visa holders insured for a secure online shopping experience, and there are no fees for cash withdrawals or purchases.

The Many Benefits of Barclaycard Visa

  • No annual fee
  • No charge for usage abroad
  • No fee for cash withdrawals worldwide
  • Partial Payment Option
  • Online shopping insurance
  • 5 % travel reimbursement
  • Up to 3 partner cards

€ 50 Euro Cash Reward for New Customers

Numbrs and Barclaycard separately reward new customers with € 25 each. These are the conditions:

  • € 25 bonus will be paid out by Barclaycard 8 weeks after having successfully applied for the credit card. It must be used for at least one purchase within the first 4 weeks after obtaining the credit card. Active until 30.09.2018.
  •  25 additionally will be paid by Numbrs when adding the Barclaycard Visa credit card to the Numbrs account. Active until 31.10.2018

The Numbrs Store — The Most Simple Application Process

With Numbrs, your application is completed within minutes. Simply download the app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free, visit our store and select the Barclaycard Visa credit card — and while you’re there have a look at our other great products like current accounts and personal loans.

You will then be guided through our implemented chat by a friendly Store Expert who answers any questions you may have regarding Barclaycard or any other requests for our products and the application process.

We are excited to work with Barclaycard who has been an incredible partner and we look forward to many more collaborations with them. Stay tuned for major revelations soon.

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