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Numbrs presents Numbrs Care — the all-in-one Insurance-Package

Numbrs and AXA simplify the conclusion of insurance contracts with an innovative all-in-one package „Numbrs Care“.

8 Insurances, One Monthly Subscription

In partnership with AXA, we are introducing a new kind of insurance package which bundles 8 insurances of AXA. Numbrs Care combines multiple beneficial insurances in a simple monthly subscription service for a monthly price of € 5.99,- Numbrs Care will be exclusively available to our users through the Money Store and includes:

Accidents can happen. Protect your belongings

Let’s be honest, little accidents and everyday mishaps can happen to anyone. However, it is particularly annoying when your hard earned belongings get damaged. The new, all-inclusive insurance package Numbrs Care protects you and your money, no matter what surprises life has in store for you.

From postponing your travel plan due to illness to being tricked by an e-commerce platform, or even choosing to take a taxi for the way home after a fun evening with friends, the all-inclusive Numbrs Care package protects you.

You are only 2 minutes away from protecting your belongings

You can apply for Numbrs Care in less than two minutes. All you need is your smartphone and the Numbrs App. Save time and paperwork. In the Money Store, you can get Numbrs Care in less than 2 minutes and protect your goods with unchallenged flexibility and price-performance ratio.

Why are we launching “Numbrs Care”?

Since launching our banking app Numbrs, we wanted to give all our users control over their finances. That’s why the banking features of the Numbrs app are designed to allow each user to make their own decisions on all financial matters independently. We hope that Numbrs will continue to help every user better control, manage and, ultimately, grow their finances.

With the launch of Numbrs Care, we will now go a step further, by protecting your assets & belongings. Numbrs Care is designed to protect our users against financial loss in the event of misfortune or unforeseeable incidents.

Numbrs is neither a bank, nor an insurance company

Numbrs Care is not a financial product from Numbrs. Numbrs is not a financial institution. We do not develop banking products, nor do we offer our own insurances.

Numbrs Care is a tailor-made insurance package from the renowned insurance institution AXA. Thanks to the close cooperation between AXA Insurance and Numbrs, we can exclusively offer this unique, all-round carefree package to all Numbrs users.

Many things in life change, the desire for safety remains. With Numbrs Care you protect all your belongings. Numbrs Care offers a reassuring sense of security to all its customers, and lets you live a worry-free life.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time under


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